Source @ is proud of our meat and butchery. We put care and passion into our animals, not only when we're raising them but also the way handle them in the shop. Food should be treated with respect, and we do this by using all the animal and providing a mix of joints, cuts, burgers, bacon, sausages and of course our wonderful Charcuterie. We raise our own free range Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs with predominantly organic fruit and vegetables, whilst at the same time allowed to roam and snuffle in woods to get all the nutrients they need. Our Lamb are free roaming (if not a little too much!) and graze on sweet meadows with wild flowers and high protein grass and clover. The free range chickens are from Woolley Park Farm who dry plucks every bird instead of dunking them into a large container of electricfied water and then tossed through a machine similar to a car wash to kill and remove the feathers which is the normal commercial process. It sounds horrible and is horrible, which is why we're proud to work with Woolley Park, because their chickens have an incredible flavour and full of meat. And our beef is Hereford or Pedigree Sussex from farmers who are like minded to us, care passionately about the product and allow their animals to grow naturally to an age that gives their meat stacks of flavour. It can show even in our simple burgers which only contain meat and onions. Come in to the farm shop near Hungerford and taste for your self... we normally have a few tasters!


Below is a selection of meat we aim to have on offer all the time:

Chicken - Whole only.
Pork - Shoulder, Chops, Tenderloin, Belly, Bacon, Sausages
Beef - Forerib, Fillet, Sirloin, Rump, Topside, Silverside, Shin, Sausages (horseradish)
Lamb - Shoulder, Leg, Rack, Cutlets, Chops, Chump End, Sausages (chipotle)


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