We are passionate people on an exploration to find amazing, unique and absolutely delicious produce at a price that is fair. Not only do we make our own charcuterie from pigs fed on oragnic produce, but also directly contact producers, artisan farmers, biodynamic wine growers and independent cheese makers to bring you what we believe to be something special that should sit in your fridge or on your table and it shouldn’t cost the earth... on the contrary, shopping at Source@ should be part of your weekly food shop and is priced to be real.

Opening Times: Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 - 15.00.



Our free range Oxford Sandy and Black pigs are mainly fed on Organic fruit and vegetables, our lambs are allowed to roam and graze on our meadow grass, both live happy free range lives (too free range for our shepherd!). Our free range chickens are sourced at Woolley Park Farm who dry pluck their chickens, which saves every last flavour and provides us with chickens “how they used to taste.” And the beef is either Hereford or Pedigree Sussex breed from two farmers who graze their animals with care until mature, both have an intense rich quality and are hung well. We supply a good selection of joints and cuts, bacon and sausages. The flavour of our animals is fabulous.


Bresaola drizzled with olive oil, balsamic and shavings of Gorwydd, Fennel Salami sliced thinly so it melts in your mouth, Cured Pork Leg beaming with sweetness, or some spicy Beef Jerky as a pub snack. Toby and Marts have been creating some beautiful charcuterie - a special gem hidden in the countryside. Our pigs are fed on organic produce and they live happy lives snuffing, scratching and shuffling in earthy woods. We have created an awesome selection of cured meats that melt on the tongue and tantalise your salivating mouth, full of sweet fat and rich meat.


Neals Yard are the geniuses behind the English Cheese revolution and we are proud to work with them. We have several raw cheeses including a Stichilton which is nothing less than stunning with deep mellow and creamy textures, and then tangy, sharp and salty notes.


An Aladdins cave of high quality produce that is perfect either as a canapé or a condiment to any great dish. We stock our own honey and make delicious jars of goodness using Organic produce from our Walled Garden which is 8 years certified.


We are a farm shop, butcher and foodie establishment based on the Inkpen Road between Hungerford and Inkpen, a local farm shop near Marlborough, Newbury, Ham and Lambourn. Check out our Directions here. Source @ is located on Hungerford Park.