This wonderful breed of pigs are known for their perfect balance of fat to meat.

They are free range.

We feed them a healthy supply of organic vegetables and nuts, and then we finish them off through our acorn wood to give them an unctuously rich taste.

Great for bacon, belly and shoulder but our triumph is the curing and preserving we do to make our very own cured pork that we think matches up to the best Serrano and Parma ham.




This is our creative expression, to take the beautiful meat, treat it with the utmost respect, salt it, spice it, cure it, and watch it brew in our maturation fridges for 6 weeks until eventually we end up with wonderful, unctuous, salty, sweet and rich cured pork and beef. Below is a breakdown of our cured meat options.

Cured Leg - our equivalent of a Serrano or Parma. All we try to do is bring out the best flavour of our organic fed pigs. It has a rich vibrant colour, beaming of tangy meatiness, and it's got a lovely balance of salt and sweet notes.

Plain, Nut and Fennel Salami - Neals Yard described them as one of the best they've had. The way the fat actually tastes of sweetness, complimenting the already umami meat. Fennel is a winner.

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